Having good muscles is not only a matter of aesthetics, but it is important for the general health of your body, as it allows you to perform your daily activities, such as carrying your shopping bags or climbing stairs, without effort and avoiding injuries. Since tone and strength training is an important aspect, the Musclopedia team created this section where we tested and compared the best accessories to best meet your needs.

To work and tone your muscles at home and thus develop a good physical base, you will find comparisons on weight benches or easy-to-install traction bars, for example. In addition, it is recommended to work both the upper and lower body, using more specific accessories, such as punching bags, elastics or dumbbells, but also to practice exercises with your body weight, useful to strengthen and increase your muscle mass.

hombre en forma y musculado

5 muscle simulators to improve your physical condition

hombre haciendo pesas en un banco de musculacion

5 weight benches to increase your muscle volume

hombre haciendo dominadas en una barra

5 Pull-up bars for deep muscle building