5 punching bags for strength and speed

The punching bag, also more commonly known as punching-ball, is both a familiar piece of equipment when practicing contact or combat sports, but it can also be a shock ally if you are looking for an accessory to work on your cardio or to pass your nerves after a stressful day, for example.

In fact, exercises on a punching bag will help you tone up, improve your endurance and, above all, relieve pressure. Without forgetting that it also improves our ability to defend ourselves in case of aggressions. If you are looking for a good punching bag, we offer you a comparison of the best models of the moment as well as some advice to choose the one that will suit you best.

Our choice

RDX Sac de Frappe Adulte 5ft 4ft, 7PC Rempli Anti...

Punch Bag – RDX


It is undoubtedly one of the best models of the moment. Ultra resistant, waterproof and shock absorbing bag, reinforced hanging system, anti-balancing technology… In addition, it comes with a lot of accessories needed to start training right away.

Key Features

Its high quality, its nice accessories and its affordable price make this model our favorite of the moment. Thanks to its durable and resistant leather, this bag is also ideal for practicing MMA or Muay Thai. We tested and we validate!


It consists of a pear-shaped punching bag with a stand that can be adjusted to a height of 1.52 m, a pair of soft gloves and a pump to inflate the bag. The base can be filled with water or sand for a good grip. It is quick and easy to assemble.

Key Features

The Everlast brand is undoubtedly the best known brand in the martial arts market. With its punching-ball on stand, it offers a reliable and resistant model ideal for training sessions in small restricted spaces. We also like the included accessories!

Best Price

Boxing Pear Shape – Everlast

The 5 best punching-balls according to Musclopedia

As you know, having an adult or children’s punching bag (and using it, of course) will make both physical and mental improvements that will increase your overall quality of life.

We now leave you with our comparison chart which includes the main models on the market and their main features. So you can make the comparison and get closer to the one that suits you best.

RDX Sac de Frappe Adulte 5ft 4ft, 7PC Rempli Anti...
Punch Bag - RDX
Leather bag durable and robust
17 pieces bag set offers
Durable 4 S-Hook connectors
RDX Sac de Frappe Adulte 5ft 4ft, 7PC Rempli Anti...
Punch Bag - RDX
Leather bag durable and robust
17 pieces bag set offers
Durable 4 S-Hook connectors

Benefits of a good punching bag

Improve your stamina at home

Installing a punching bag at home will allow you to do exercises to improve your physical condition, develop strength and evacuate stress.

This cardio-training activity is mainly used by high-level athletes but remains accessible to all thanks to simple and varied exercises.

Release stress and tension

We’ve all heard once in our lives, “if you’re angry, just go and let off some steam.” That’s the first thing we think of when we talk about hitting a punching bag. Luckily, it’s not the only thing to do, but if you’re feeling stressed and need to release the tension, it’s a good option. Plus, you’ll get some exercise!

The punching bag is an ideal piece of equipment to improve your health, both physically, by practicing strength and cardio exercises, and mentally, with the reduction of stress and the release of endorphins.

Why use a punching bag?

To tone your muscles

First of all, it strengthens many muscles in your body. For example, you will tone the upper body with punches. And not just your arm or back muscles, you’ll also work your abs.

In addition, you will also improve the muscles of your legs, in addition to the kicks you give, by hitting with your fists you must maintain certain positions in your legs that will make you work their muscles.

Improve your cardio

On the other hand, you will also improve your cardio and your endurance, because the series of strokes are usually performed at a fairly high pace (don’t fall asleep!).

Moreover, depending on the complexity of the series, it will become an intense but satisfying workout, you’ll see.

Burn calories and gain strength

Thanks to all this, you will burn calories in a short time, while toning up a large part of your muscles. Overall, you will improve your physical condition and your health. You will also help you gain more strength, speed and precision in your strokes, arms and forearms.

Last but not least, by throwing the punches, you will release all the stress and tension you have accumulated. It’s a great option to end the day without a burden or, on the contrary, start the day with your mind ready for anything that comes along.

Our choice

RDX Sac de Frappe Adulte 5ft 4ft, 7PC Rempli Anti...

Punch Bag – RDX

Best Price

Boxing Pear Shape – Everlast

How do I choose a punching bag?

The bag

Logically, as with any product, the material chosen must be of quality and, moreover, suitable for the practice of sport.

In the case of punching balls, they exist in several materials, such as synthetic (like Duralike and PU), natural leather, fabric and plastic (PVC).

The main differences are in price, durability and feeling when hitting the ball.

Natural leather models are the most expensive, but the most durable and realistic, and on the other hand, they are a good choice if you like to hit without gloves. But they also need some care more than others, such as drying off the sweat at the end of the workout or the application of certain care creams.

Canvas or fabric models are also quite sturdy, although they are more uncomfortable if you hit them without gloves. However, when it comes to repairs, it’s easier and cheaper. They also tend to withstand the elements better and are more economical.

Synthetic leather or vinyl models will be a good imitation of natural leather or fur models without the need for the same care. However, they will not have the same durability or comfort when used, but this will be noticeable in the price, since you will be able to buy cheap punching balls.

Finally, plastic models are the cheapest, although they are probably the least comfortable to hit and the least durable.

The filling

The filling of the bag is also an important factor in how you will feel when you touch it.

Although most bags on the market are already filled, there are also empty models that you will need to fill with the material you prefer or that best suits your use.

Now, what is the best filling for a punching bag? Among the most common are water, sand and synthetic materials such as foam for example.

On the one hand, synthetic materials are widely used because they are good value for money and are highly appreciated for their resistance to humidity. On the other hand, the fabric is usually spread over the length of the bag.

On the other hand, you can opt for harder materials, such as sand, which is one of the most common for heavy models. Sand is unaffected by temperature and resists the passage of time. However, it will tend to accumulate at the bottom of the bag, creating a difference in hardness between the top and bottom of the bag over time.

Finally, there are models with water inside, as rare as it may seem. They give a more realistic feeling when you hit them. It is a balanced and consistent material. Another great advantage of this material is that it is much easier to empty and refill it in order to move it, for example, or to make repairs, if necessary.

What is interesting to know is that the hardest materials are usually used for the bottom of the bag, which is where kicks are usually given. The upper part usually has softer materials for punching.

The weight

Although there are no standard measures, there are some recommendations. The most common is that the weight of the bag should be less than half that of the person using it.

Although this should not be followed to the letter, especially if more than one person is going to use it.

As a general rule, those weighing around 20 kg will be ideal for children and short people.

In addition, there are other aspects to consider. For example, the strength or experience of the user. The more important these two factors are, the more weight they should be given. This does not generally apply to two types of bags, those with independent supports and muay thai models, which will be heavier than other models.

The size

This characteristic will be marked by others, such as type or weight. What you will need to consider here, mainly, is the space you have available to place the bag and the type of martial art or contact sport you want to train with it.

The first aspect is the most important, as you must have enough space to use the bag comfortably and without the restrictions of walls, pillars or other obstacles.

The use

As with everything else, this will be a factor in the choice or abandonment of models. For example, if you want to perfect your kicks, a human-shaped bag is ideal, to refine your aim and improve your technique. If you need to train your speed in punches, you can opt for a pendant model.

On the other hand, if your training is based on improving the power and speed of your kicks, the muay thai model will be the right one. Also keep in mind if you are going to train with or without gloves, as the external materials recommended for either case vary, as explained above. Finally, you will need to consider whether you are going to use it intensively or sporadically, in order to determine how much you are willing to invest in it.

The different types of punching bags

Among the variety of bags for the practice of martial arts, there are different types. These are the ones you should consider when making your choice.

The suspended model

Hanging bags are those with a hanging point above the bag and suspended from a structure or handle with chains. They can be attached to the ceiling or wall using an L-shaped structure.

They can also be hung from dome-shaped bar structures that allow this. They are the most common models on the market and the most comfortable to use.

The Muay thai model

This model, as its name indicates, is specially designed for the practice of Thai boxing, also called “Muay Thai”. The main difference with a classic bag is that they are longer and heavier.

Indeed, they are designed to train many types of kicks and punches, high and low. The padding is therefore harder (and heavier). Features that make it more expensive.

The wall model

This is not a “particular” model but rather a type of fixation. Indeed, the wall models are fixed solidly to the wall, which gives them greater stability.

They are generally used to improve punching, such as hooks but also certain types of kicks. A good model for a more general practice of sports.

The standing model

This model is equipped with a base, which is usually filled with sand or water to prevent it from overturning under the effect of blows.

It is an ideal model if you don’t want to make any installations or holes to hang it or if you plan to move the bag in a more or less usual way.

The pear-shaped model

Also known as a typing pear, this model is, as its name suggests, pear-shaped. The speed bulb is especially designed for speed training and not very focused for power sessions.

This model is often used for punching exercises but it is especially useful for hooks (uppercuts). It is intended for kickboxing or Thai boxing training.

The electronic or intelligent model

These are standing punching balls with several marked areas. This model will inform you of the power of your strikes on these marked areas.

These are usually human-shaped or basic models and are very useful for refining your aim. However, you will need to have a plug handy to plug it in.


Q. How much does a punching bag cost?

R. The price of the bags varies according to their characteristics. For the simplest or smallest, you will find prices around 30 euros, while for the more professional models, they can exceed 100 euros. However, with about 60-70 euros you can get a quality one.

Q. Where can I buy a punching bag?

R. You can find them in martial arts or sports stores, as well as in some department stores. On the other hand, we recommend that you take a look at Amazon, as they have a wide selection of models and good prices.

Q. How do I fill a punching bag?

R. This will depend on the type of bag and how it will be used. In general, to make it soft and free of uncomfortable lumps when punched, it is usually filled with foam rubber, fabric, cotton, gel balls or sand, for example.

Q. How much does a punching bag weigh?

R. As a general rule, bags should weigh half the weight of the person using them, so that they can be filled or emptied a little, as needed. Commercially available models generally weigh between 35 and 55 kg.

Q. Where do you hang a punching bag?

R. Where to put the bag will depend a bit on the type. In general, there should be space around it, at least three-quarters of the way, so that it can be used and hit well.

Q. How do I hang a punching bag?

R. First of all, choose where you want to put it. Then, if you’re going to hang it on the wall or ceiling, make the necessary holes to anchor the support to which you will then hang the bag. Once it is secure, put the bag in place.

RDX Sac de Frappe Adulte 5ft 4ft, 7PC Rempli Anti...
Punch Bag - RDX
Leather bag durable and robust
17 pieces bag set offers
Durable 4 S-Hook connectors
RDX Sac de Frappe Adulte 5ft 4ft, 7PC Rempli Anti...
Punch Bag - RDX
Leather bag durable and robust
17 pieces bag set offers
Durable 4 S-Hook connectors

Highlights of a punching bag

When you buy a punching bag from Adidas, Everlast or any other quality brand, you are buying a tool that will help you improve various aspects of your life.

On the one hand, the physical part, with the improvement of skills such as power, speed or endurance and your general physical condition. On the other hand, it will also help you with the mental part, as it will allow you to release accumulated stress and tension.

By training regularly with this accessory, you will improve your quality of life in many ways. If you have any doubts about how to proceed, consult the previous sections and reassure yourself before making a decision.