High-intensity training has been shown to help improve your overall health in many ways. Thanks to the practice of Crossfit, at home as well as in the box, besides losing weight, you will improve and increase your resistance, strengthen your muscles and reduce your stress levels.

All this is achieved through very varied exercises that make you almost never repeat WODs and get bored of training. This variety of routines is achieved by using different accessories or complements. For example, weightlifting bars are used with the indicated weight discs to do deadweight, pull up or clean and jerk repetitions. But, in addition, different types of balls are also used, such as medicine balls or slam balls, and different ways of carrying weight to work with it, as is the case of weighted vests or Bulgarian bags. These are just some examples of the accessories used, but there are many more, such as dumbbells, kettlebells or cardio machines or devices.

If you are interested in this sport and want to practice it at home, in this section of Musclopedia we have compiled the analysis and comparisons of the products you will need to do it, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Take a look and don’t give up on having a more stylish and healthier body.

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